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JD-M36 isolation module

JD-M36 Isolation module

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  • Performance
    • Commodity name: JD-M36 isolation module

    JD-M36 Isolation module

    JD-M36 isolation module is mainly used to isolate the equipment with short circuit on the bus to ensure the normal operation of other equipment on the bus. When the faulty part of the bus is repaired, the isolation module can recover itself
    Work again, bringing the quarantined parts back into the system.


    Main Features
    ● Base separated structure design, simple structure, convenient installation.
    ● Load capacity: less than 32.
    ● The input and output are interchangeable.
    ● Set the LED red status indicator.
    ● Non-coding, does not occupy the bus address.
    ● The equipment and base are installed by plug and pull, which is more convenient and fast.

  • Operating voltage


    Load capacity

    ≤ 32

    Humidity range

    ≤ 95% RH(no frost)

    Storage temperature

    -20℃ ~ +70℃

    Operating temperature

    -10℃ ~ +50℃

    Overall dimensions


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