Human Resources

I. Production supervisor

Job Responsibilities:

1. Assist the production deputy general manager and department manager in the overall management of the production workshop.

2. Mastered the production status at any time, organized the workshop and team to complete the production tasks according to the production plan, coordinated the communication and cooperation among various departments, and solved the problems in the production in time

3. Organize the implementation, supervision and control of various technology, quality, equipment, cost and output indicators in the production process

4. Lead and manage the maintenance of basic equipment to ensure the normal production of the production site and the equipment in good condition

5. Comprehensively balanced annual production tasks, formulated and issued monthly production plans to achieve balanced production

6. Guide, supervise and inspect the work of subordinates, and grasp the work situation and relevant data

7. Conduct on-site command according to production needs

8. Develop subordinate job description and define subordinate work

9. Promote 6S management on the production site

10. Patrol, supervise and inspect the work of the production site and the department

Responsible for organizing professional technical training for production department and production line、



1. College degree or above

At least 2.5 years production management experience in electronic manufacturing enterprise, with production management experience in the same industry is preferred

3. Familiar with the production operation and management of the factory, with rich experience in production management, cost control and quality management

4. Familiar with production process and production specifications, familiar with production management system and able to formulate appropriate relevant system, good at personnel management

5. Excellent planning and execution skills, communication skills, negotiation skills and problem-solving skills

2. Structural Engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for product appearance and structure design.

2. Responsible for process verification of product structure with process engineer.

3. Cooperate with product engineer to confirm the shape and size of the circuit board.

4. Responsible for product packaging design.


Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical design or related.

2. Proficient in AUTOCAD/SolidWorks and other design tools;

3. Understand the common machining process, sheet metal process and surface treatment requirements;

4. Understand the basic requirements and processes of mold design;

5. Ability to conduct 3D modeling and structure simulation is preferred;

6. Experience in structural design of electronic fire fighting products and design of plastic mold drawing of smoke detector. Experience is preferred.

Company environment and benefits: 9 to 5, weekends two days off. Flat management, household registration, residence permit points, talent introduction, fair promotion.

3. Key Account Sales Manager


Job Responsibilities:

1. Mined and developed new customer resources, including fire engineering maintenance companies, dealers/partners, telecom operators, electric power, schools, hospitals, management corridors and other industry customers, and signed cooperation agreements with them on behalf of the company;

2. Follow up the whole process of the projects I am responsible for, organize and participate in the bidding activities, and take charge of the contract negotiation and signing in the later stage;

3. Responsible for organizing internal personnel to disclose the contract, tracking and supervising the implementation of the contract in the whole process, and timely handling the recovery of progress payment;

4. Maintain the original customer relationship;



1. College degree or above;

2. More than two years of experience in fire alarm, intelligent fire fighting, intelligent electricity and other related industries;

3. Experience in independent market operation of projects with a contract amount of more than 1 million yuan;

4. Have good communication and strain ability, coordination ability, analysis ability, market development ability, technical ability and affinity;

5. Strong sense of responsibility, good command of negotiation, bidding and market development skills;

6. Customer resources in the Yangtze River Delta region are preferred.

Iv. Management Trainees



1. College degree or above, major in electronic information engineering or related is preferred.

2. Can work hard and have a strong sense of responsibility.

3. Active, studious and adaptable.

Hot keywords: Internet of Things, alarm system, emergency lighting, evacuation indication

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