Human Resources

Concept of talent

Talent is the core driving force of Golden Shield's development. The development of human capital is the obligatory task of every manager. All Golden Shield employees share the following values to establish a successful HR policy.
¤Attract, retain and motivate the best talent through performance-driven pay and an exceptional career development system;
¤¤Adhere to the principle of "to those who can do the job, to those who can do the job";
¤Autonomy to enable employees to be creative;
¤Prioritise internal personnel when vacancies arise;
¤Enhance human capital through continuous training to help employees realize their self-worth;
¤Create a creative atmosphere for cooperation and develop a good working relationship;
¤The respect of our customers comes from our respect for our employees;
¤Attention to the physical and mental health of every employee;
¤Frank and effective communication is the only way forward.


Employee Career Development
        The company insists on creating a career development platform for employees to grow together with the enterprise. According to the nature and characteristics of the post, combined with the professional interests and expertise of the employees, the career development channel of management, professional, technical, marketing, technician and other five types of positions is set up. The career development of the employees is related to the performance appraisal, salary and so on, so as to better meet the career development needs of all types of personnel. At the same time, the company has established a relatively scientific talent evaluation mechanism and selection and elimination mechanism, and comprehensively implemented the echelon construction of various talent teams, providing employees with diversified growth opportunities.


Staff Training   

        The company insists that the preservation and appreciation of human capital comes from the comprehensive improvement of the quality and skills of all positions and employees at all levels, and advocates the learning concept of "improving ourselves and surpassing ourselves". It has built a lecturer system with internal part-time lecturers as the main part and external experts as the supplement, and formed a diversified training form that combines the post guidance system, classroom teaching and staff self-study.

        Employees can enjoy a variety of training packages, including new employee induction training, pre-job training, professional and technical lectures, on-the-job training, management training, promotion training, etc. Employees with excellent performance will also enjoy MBA training, lectures by Chinese and foreign celebrities and sending training, etc.

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