Human Resources

1, I come to apply for the company, what documents should I bring?
Answer: Please bring your original valid certificate (ID card, graduation certificate, degree certificate, English and computer rank certificate, etc.), resume, one-inch photo and relevant documents that can reflect your academic level and technical ability.


2. What information does the company use to screen resumes?
A: Select your resume according to the job requirements. Each job has different requirements and focuses on different information. Major, academic performance, awards and experience are the main aspects we pay attention to.


3. Which positions need the written test, and what are the main aspects of the written test?
A: Technical positions and professional positions need to take a written test, mainly to assess the basic professional knowledge.


4. What about the company's compensation and benefits?
A: The company provides employees with industry-competitive compensation, establishes a scientific and reasonable incentive oriented compensation distribution model and dynamic compensation adjustment mechanism, respects the difference in post value, and sets different compensation systems for different post categories.
The company provides employees with diversified welfare, in addition to the pension insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance and other social insurance for employees, employees birthday, traditional holidays will prepare gifts for employees; The company also provides free accommodation and full - day food subsidies to reduce the cost of living in Shanghai.

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