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Founded in 1986, Shanghai Jindun Fire is a professional enterprise engaged in firefighting equipment and equipment. It ranks among the top 30 firefighting enterprises in China in terms of comprehensive strength and is a council member of China Fire Protection Association. In Lingang New Area of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, there is "Shanghai Golden Shield Fire Industry Park", in which there are fire equipment production base, fire experiment base and intelligent fire iot experience center.


Shanghai Jindun Fire Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai Jindun Shield, a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai and a software enterprise in Shanghai. The company's business covers three segments: fire electronic alarm and integrated fire products, intelligent fire Internet of Things cloud platform, and fire engineering design, construction and maintenance services. It is an industry-leading supplier of fire safety products and overall solutions.


Fire alarm electronics and fire mechatronic integration products mainly include automatic fire alarm and linkage control system, gas fire control system, fire emergency lighting and intelligent evacuation indication system, home fire alarm system, fire door monitoring system, electrical fire monitoring system, combustible gas detection and alarm system, fire equipment power monitoring system, building fire control facilities monitoring system, etc. Golden Shield cloud platform is used to provide real-time pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale online technical support and services for owners and maintenance units. Products through the national compulsory 3C certification, won more than 20 patents. Relying on the overall construction plan of the national "smart City", Golden Shield Intelligent fire iot cloud platform builds a real whole-process, multi-level, three-dimensional and intelligent fire prevention and control system. The company customizes the overall solution of big fire iot for government departments and fire forces to solve the difficulties of monitoring and supervision, transmits all the data and information of the connected units to the Internet of Things platform, and timely issues accurate fire danger warnings; The company has built an integrated platform for intelligent support and control of fire fighting operation, comprehensively integrated the Internet of Things and communication technology, and improved the intelligence of fire fighting and rescue command. The large-scale fire iot monitoring cloud platform independently developed for industrial applications is equipped with distributed access to a variety of professional fire control, security and production management systems, and can realize rapid and secure linkage with all systems.


The company has the qualification of special design, construction, maintenance and testing service of fire control facilities engineering, and has undertaken major fire control projects such as large underground space, star hotel, logistics and warehousing, commercial complex and large residential area. Many of the projects have won the title of high-quality structure and city civilized construction site, and has a good reputation and quality service in the industry.


"Golden Sound spread the world, shield security" is the company's vision and responsibility for sustainable development. Adhere to the user demand as the guidance, constantly pursue technological innovation, strive to improve product quality, strive to become the leader of the intelligent fire industry, and strive to achieve "intelligent technology to make fire safety".

Hot keywords: Internet of Things, alarm system, emergency lighting, evacuation indication

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