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JD-M34 multi-wire conversion load

JD-M34 Multi line conversion load

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    • Commodity name: JD-M34 multi-wire conversion load

    JD-M34 Multi line conversion load

    JD-M34 multi-line transfer load is mainly used to control the start and stop of large and important fire equipment, and receive their action status. This module is a non-coding module, does not account for the controller address, cannot connect with the controller's communication bus.


    Main Features
    ● Base separated structure design, simple structure, convenient installation.
    ● Adopt distributed intelligent technology, built-in CPU.
    ● Can access 1 DC24V, 220VAC or passive dry contact signal.
    ● One passive dry contact output.
    ● Set the LED status indicator.
    ● Communicate with the control panel through the control two bus.
    ● Through the power supply two bus to provide external control power supply.
    ● The equipment and base are installed by plug and pull, which is more convenient and fast.

  • Operating voltage


    Humidity range

    ≤ 95% RH(no frost)

    Storage temperature

    -20℃ ~ +70℃

    Operating temperature

    -10℃ ~ +50℃

    Overall dimensions


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