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ZSPM-XX/1.2-DX (GR) remote monitoring electric terminal water testing device

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    • Commodity name: ZSPM-XX/1.2-DX (GR) remote monitoring electric terminal water testing device

    ZSPM-XX/1.2-DX (GR) remote monitoring electric terminal water testing device, (hereinafter referred to as the device). Suitable for wet, dry, pre-acting, circulating, closed foam spray zones and the most unfavorable parts of the rain shower system transmission detection pipe network. timing

    Automatic detection of terminal pressure, flow and other functions, timely detection of system failures, improve the reliability of automatic sprinkler system. Product design and manufacturing comply with:

    GB5135.21-2011 "Automatic sprinkler system Part 21: End water testing device";

    GB50084-2005 "Automatic Sprinkler System Design Code";

    GB50261 Code for Construction and Acceptance of Automatic Sprinkler System;

    GB50116-2013 Code for Design of Automatic Fire Alarm System.


    Product Model Number ZSPM-XX/1.2-Dx(GR)
    Size of product L260mm×W174mm×140H(without joint)
    Operating voltage DC24v
    Current of operation current<150mA
    Weight of product 6±0.5Kg
    Material of case metal
    Usage Environment 0℃~+40℃
    95%RH(No frost)
    Mode of information transmission  
    The cable:CAN
    Valve in place after open in place signal feedback
    After the valve is closed in place, the relevant signal feedback is in place


    Product series specification sheet
    Model and Specification zSPM-80/1.2-DX
    Rated working pressure 1.2MPa
    Nominal flow coefficient K 80 115 160 200
    Mode of control Electric (with signal feedback)
    Working power supply DC24V





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