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JB-QB-F13 Fire Alarm Controller (Interlocking)

JB-QB-F13 Fire alarm controller (linkage type)

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    • Commodity name: JB-QB-F13 Fire Alarm Controller (Interlocking)

    JB-QB-F13 Fire alarm controller (linkage type)

    JB-QB-F13 Fire alarm controller (coupling type) (hereinafter referred to as F13) is a new generation fire alarm controller developed by the company to meet the needs of the fire market. With modular design and embedded controller system, it has the characteristics of reliability, efficiency and good scalability. The machine can be used alone or as a regional machine network to form a multi-machine network system. With our detector, module, manual signal and other related equipment, can be widely used in small and medium projects. The product meets the requirements of GB 4717-2005 "Fire Alarm Controller" and GB16806-2006 "Fire Linkage Control System".


    Main Features
    The F13 controller can be connected to a maximum of 478 points, and can be connected to a maximum of 2 loops, each loop can be a maximum of 239 device addresses. Each controller has 32 bus outputs and 6 multiline outputs.

    Using ring network technology, it has the advantages of stability, reliability and strong real-time. The device alarm information of any node is transmitted to the fire alarm centralizer within 3 seconds. Because of the advantages of low cost, long communication and anti-interference, optical fiber communication has become a trend of network development. F13 Two physical connection modes, optical fiber and cable, to solve the problem of long-distance communication and strong interference environment communication.

    F13 Provides the CAN communication port. Due to the complexity of actual wiring and different network topology requirements in engineering site, physical connections between nodes and machines can be "branched". F13 provides a communication interface to solve this problem.

    Users use PC software to program configuration data. F13 supports USB flash drives. Users can upload and download configuration data through USB flash drives. Reduce the work intensity of the field programming configuration database and improve the work efficiency.

    Provides the black box function. The black box function of the F13 can record the historical information of 10 events, including 1024 alarms, faults, starts, blocks, warnings, delays, monitoring, operations, feedback, and requests.

    The reliability of operation is very important for the fire alarm linkage system. F13 automatically monitors the hardware and detects the equipment. If a fault occurs in any part of the controller, a fault message will be sent until the fault is rectified.

    This controller has three levels 1-3. The default startup level is 1. In the lower right corner of the interface, the corresponding number is the current user right level.

    The F13 uses a 480×320 color LCD screen to provide comprehensive and detailed information. Intuitive and simple menu operations make it easy for users to use the operation controller.

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  • JB-QB-F13火灾报警控制器

  • Single unit capacity 478 (Loop device address, excluding disk device address)


    Module (disk)


    Liquid crystal display

    480*320Color liquid crystal

    Output (local)


    Acoustooptic (machine)


    Connected to the Internet

    support CAN

    Optical fiber optional


    Communication interface



    Rule of logic


    U disk


    area Area of detection


    Alarm area


    The power supply The main electric

    AC220V(187V242V) 50Hz

    The battery

    12V/7AhBattery (two batteries)

    Loop output voltage


    Maximum loop output current


    Short circuit protection current


    Operating ambient temperature

    0℃ ~ 45

    Working environment humidity

    95%RH(40±2 )

    Size of construction

    420mm×140 mm×520mm

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