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JD-A12A Fire display panel

JD-A12A Fire display panel

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    • Commodity name: JD-A12A Fire display panel

    JD-A12A Fire display panel

    JD-A12A fire display panel is used to cooperate with the JB-QB-F11 fire alarm controller (interlinked) and JB-QB-F61 fire alarm controller produced by our company for fire monitoring, implementing the standard GB17429-2011, using Chinese liquid crystal display, equipped with light-emitting diode, indicating the key state information of the system, It can directly display the fire alarm information from the detector of the fire alarm controller.

    JD-A12A fire display panel is controlled by a microprocessor, communicates with the controller in a two-bus way, mixes with the detector and module address, uses electronic coding or its own interface Settings, address range 1~239. The fire display panel will display the fire alarm information of detectors and other fire alarm equipment within the set range; Detectors and other fire alarm equipment will not be displayed outside the set range. Each fire display panel displays a maximum of 240 fire alarms. If the number of fire alarms is greater than 240, the following information will replace the first and subsequent information and receive it in a circular manner.

    JD-A12A fire display panel has its own function key, which can query the received fire information and is directly controlled by the controller communicating with it. When the controller is reset, the information will be sent to the fire display panel, so that it will also reset, so as to realize the centralized control of the whole system.


    Main Features
    LCD all Chinese display.

    Sound and light alarm signal can be issued.

    It has the functions of reset, silencing and self - check.

    Adopt two bus connection mode, occupy 1 loop address.

    DC24V DC power supply, polarity two-wire system.

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    • JD-A12A Fire display panel
  • Contents Technical parameters
    Operating voltage Loop two bus provides DC24V(non-polar)
    Communication mode Loop two bus (non-polar)
    Monitor current < 30OuA
    Alarm action current < 5mA
    Maximum storage capacity 240 fire alarms
    Operating environment temperature 0~45℃
    Relative humidity of working environment ≤ 95%RH(40 sh 2℃)
    Maximum external dimensions 140mm× 84.6 mm× 34.8 mm 
    Weight About 345g
    Shell material Plastic

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