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Graphic display unit

Graphic display device

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    • Commodity name: Graphic display unit

    Graphic display device

    The graphic display device in the fire control room is a fire alarm device used to display fire alarm and fault information in the fire control room. The display device truthfully reflects the specific location of the fire alarm and fault equipment through the fire alarm plan. It can be connected to the fire control remote monitoring center through the LAN. Receive, send and display the abnormal information of the equipment and the host information to realize the remote central control in the alarm system.

  • Processor Intel Atom dual core, main frequency 1.8GHz
    Memory/electronic disk 2G/32G
    Network port RJ45*1
    USB 4USB2.0 *
    Communication interface RS485*2, RS232*1, support RS422 communication
    Mouse and keyboard Support PS/2, USB interface
    LCD display ratio 4:3
    LCD resolution 1366*768
    LCD screen size 18.5 inches

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Hot keywords: Internet of Things, alarm system, emergency lighting, evacuation indication

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