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JD-ED31 Handheld addresser

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    • Commodity name: JD-ED31 Handheld addresser

    JD-ED31 hand-held addressing device has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient connection, good real-time performance, and can communicate with each two bus modules, the handheld structure, easy to carry to meet the needs of the field. The power supply adopts three No.5 batteries for easy replacement. JD-ED31 Handheld address is based on embedded operating system uCOS as the software platform, which improves the software stability, and the modular design structure is easy to upgrade the software. It also has TTL and 232 serial port communication modes and Bluetooth module for use with mobile phones.

    Main Features

    Support two bus communication; Through the two bus can be acousto-optic, module, smoke sensor and other two bus equipment basic Settings.
    Support Bluetooth connection; Bluetooth can be used in conjunction with a mobile phone, extending the flexibility of control.
    Supports TTL and 232 serial port connection. Configure parameters for other controllers through egress.


    Contents Technical parameters
    Operating voltage Power supply voltage :DC4.5~3.3V
    screen 4-bit LCD broken code tube
    Communication mode Two-bus, TTL serial port, 232 serial port, Bluetooth
    Power consumption 0.07W
    Usage environment Temperature :-10℃ ~ 50℃, relative humidity :≤95%RH(40+2℃)
    Usage mode Handheld
    Maximum external dimensions 135*70*24mm (Length * height * thickness)

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