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  • Performance
    • Commodity name: JD-MD60S type monitoring module

    The JD-MD60S type monitoring module is used to monitor and collect passive switching (normally open) signals, such as action signals of pressure switch, water flow indicator, temperature sensing cable, etc. It communicates with the JD-M108 fire control equipment monitoring device (hereinafter referred to as monitoring device) produced by our company through the two buses and transmits the state to the monitoring device. The JD-MD60S monitoring module occupies 5 bus addresses (one switch occupies one address).

    Main Features
    Two buses, no polarity
    Can receive five passive switch contact signals
    Account for 5 address points (a switch occupies an address), using electronic coding address (1~239), only need to encode the first address, the remaining 4 addresses add 1 at a time.
    With line fault detection function, can detect passive switch contact line failure

  • Bus voltage:

    DC 24V

    Bus monitoring current:

    <0.3mA,≤2 mA(Alarm)

    Ambient temperature:


    Ambient relative humidity:


    Input signal: It can be connected to 5 passive switching signals at the same time, accounting for 5 bus addresses
    Indicator light: Shine normally, shine often in action.


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