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    • Commodity name: JD-MD60A monitoring module

    JD-MD60A monitoring module is used for monitoring module quantity and digital quantity signal monitoring and collection. It communicates with JD-M108 fire control equipment monitoring device (referred to as monitoring device) produced by our company through two buses, and transmits the status to the monitoring device. The JD-MD60A monitoring module occupies five bus addresses by default.

    Main Features
    Two bus, no polarity;
    Power bus, polarity;
    The default value is 5 node addresses
    Monochrome indicator light displays module action information;
    Upload analog and digital quantities

  • Power supply voltage:


    Two bus voltage:

    DC 19V

    Two bus current:


    Output signal:

    DC 5V

    Input signal: Analog quantity signal input
    Working environment temperature:


    Relative humidity of working environment:

    ≤95%RH(40±2℃ )


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