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M115 submersible pressure transmitter

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    • Commodity name: M115 submersible pressure transmitter

    M115 submersible pressure transmitter selects the international famous company's high-precision, high-stability pressure sensor assembly, through high reliability amplifier circuit and precision temperature compensation, will be measured medium pressure or gauge pressure into 4 ~ 20mADC, 1 ~ 5VDC and other standard electrical signals. The high quality sensor, exquisite packaging technology and perfect assembly process ensure the excellent quality and best performance of the product. This product can measure water level and sewage level, suitable for use with a variety of measurement and control equipment, can meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent.

    Main Features

    Adopt foreign advanced technology
    Small size, high cost performance, high stability, high sensitive month
    0 ~ 1 m to 0 ~ 50 m (water column)
    Stainless steel diaphragm and fully welded construction
    A variety of range options
    Protection against lightning
    Strong, fully enclosed circuit
    Moisture-proof and dew proof function
    Accuracy: 1.0 level, 0.5 level, 0.25 level, 0.1 level.
    Optional moisture-proof junction box
    Laser marking is used to ensure the traceability of products.
    Explosion-proof type: (input type) flameproof dIICT6, (diaphragm type) intrinsically safe iaIICT6


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