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JD-FEP1122N voltage signal sensor

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    • Commodity name: JD-FEP1122N voltage signal sensor

    JD-FEP1122N voltage signal sensor (sensor for short) is used to monitor the voltage signal of dual-channel three-phase power supply.

    The sensor uses two buses for communication, which can monitor whether the power supply of the monitored device has phase failure in real time, and upload the state to the monitor. The sensor samples the voltage values of the monitored power supply in real time, and the monitor can view these voltage values.

    This product adopts guide rail installation and screw installation structure, convenient construction and installation, appearance is generous and beautiful.


    Main Features

    Sensor adopts two-wire bus power supply communication, non-polar connection.
    Built-in high performance microprocessor.
    Accurately collect the voltage value of the monitored equipment with an accuracy of 10%.
    Sensor internal monitoring circuit and external high voltage circuit completely isolated design.
    Software and hardware filtering technology, improve the anti-interference ability of the module.

  • Dimensions: length 104mm x width 85mm x height 42mm


    Operating voltage Bus operating voltage: bus 24V, the allowable range is 15V ~ 28V
    Bus operating current


    The bus Two wire system, no polarity
    Mode of encoding Electronic coding
    Coded address range


    Monitoring voltage range

    AC100V~AC400V Can be set

    The temperature


    Relative humidity

    ≤95%RH,No condensation


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