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JD-T32 fire hydrant button

JD-T32 Hydrant button

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    • Commodity name: JD-T32 fire hydrant button

    JD-T32 Hydrant button

    JD-T32 fire hydrant button is a new intelligent alarm button developed by our company, which can be connected with all the newly developed fire alarm controllers (such as F11, F13, F21, F61, etc.) and meet the national standard GB 16806-2006 "Fire Linkage Control System". When the personnel find the fire, press the fire hydrant button to alarm, and the controller linkage related equipment to extinguish the fire. Using electronic coding, accounting for a loop address.

    Main Features
    Meet the national standard GB 16806-2006 "Fire linkage Control system".

    ● Transparent plastic parts need to use a reset tool to reset after pressing.

    ● Software and hardware multistage filtering, improve the anti-interference ability of the fire hydrant button, has a good inhibition effect on electromagnetic interference.

    ● Communicate with the controller through the loop two bus.

    ● After pressing the transparent plastic parts, the passive output contact signal can be provided by the button, and other external equipment can be directly controlled.

    ● The equipment and base are installed by plug and pull, which is more convenient and fast.

  • Operating voltage


    Operating current

    < 0.4mA

    Alarm current

    < 1.4mA

    Start light

    Red, shining during inspection, alarm often bright

    Answer light

    Green, steady on after controller receives fire pump startup feedback

    Humidity range

    ≤ 95% RH(no frost)

    Storage temperature

    -20℃ ~ +70℃

    Operating temperature

    -10℃ ~ +50℃

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