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HY273XD1 power amplifier

HY273XD1 power amplifier

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    • Commodity name: HY273XD1 power amplifier

    HY273XD1 power amplifier

    Main Features

    ● It is a part of HY5700A fire emergency broadcast system.
    ● With automatic control and manual control of two starting modes.
    ● It has the function of controlled self-check.
    ● With audio output level display.
    ● Remote start and fault alarm function.
    ● Automatic switch between the main and standby power supply, the main power is preferred.
    ● In the microphone broadcast state, the listener can automatically mute, to completely eliminate the audio back.
    ● With external line abnormal automatic protection function, and the state of the machine will be sent to other broadcast equipment.
    ● It has three specifications of 150W/300W/500W.

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