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HY273XD2 power amplifier

HY273XD2 Power amplifier

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    • Commodity name: HY273XD2 power amplifier

    HY273XD2 Power amplifier

    The power amplifier is a supporting product of the emergency broadcast system. It works with the corresponding broadcast audio source devices (such as broadcast recording disc, CD player disc, MP3 player disc) and broadcast terminal devices (such as broadcast area control panel and broadcast sound box) to realize the emergency broadcast function on the fire scene. Applied to broadcast systems. The power amplifier amplifies the audio signal to the constant voltage AC120V output, can receive the linkage signal automatically start the emergency broadcast, the product is divided into 150W/300W/500W three specifications. It is designed and produced under the guidance of the national standard "Fire Linkage Control System GB 16806-2006".

  • Operating voltage AC 220V± 10%, dual power supply
    Rated output power 500W/300W/150W
    Transient start current ≤ 5A
    Constant voltage output 120V
    Frequency characteristics 80Hz ~ 8KHz    (90V ~ 145V)
    Harmonic distortion ≤ 5%
    Noise level < 37mV
    Humidity range 20% ~ 93% RH
    Operating temperature 0℃ ~ +45℃

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