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JD-M65 integrated door closing device

Fire door closers, Electric switch

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    • Commodity name: JD-M65 integrated door closing device

    Fire door closers, Electric switch

    The closed-door product is usually kept open, controlled release in case of fire, and automatically closed and converted into a closed-door device based on the spring force. This technology is a major breakthrough in the industry, so that the safety of people's lives and property can be more effectively guaranteed. It is the recommended product of the fire department. Compatible with fire door monitor, can be any Angle and switch and automatic positioning.


    Main Features

    ● The door closing device is usually kept open.
    ● Used with fireproof door monitor, controlled release in case of fire (DC24V 0.1sec) energy storage switch; And close the door itself, and automatically from the normally open state into the normally closed state, to prevent and partition the spread of the fire. In the normally closed state, it can be manually opened and closed within 0-200 degrees, and there is a 20NM closing moment, so that the fire door always remains closed.
    ● No power supply under the normally open state, once there is a fire through the linkage system through the 24V fire control electric trigger release closed. Energy saving and environmental protection.
    ● For the double fire door has a special design of DA (closing delay) function, so that the double fire door can be closed orderly when the action, closed the door, more effectively prevent the development of fire.
    ● Closing moment according to the fire door quality size, there are 20-45KG.40-65KG.60-85KG.80-120KG and other grades, can get the best closing effect.
    ● This product is a necessary device for normally open fire doors and Windows. There is no need to install ordinary door closers and other accessories.
    ● Suitable for steel fire door, wood fire door, stainless steel fire door, fire window, glass fire door.



  • Detection object: Normally open fire door
    Operating voltage: DC24V
    Power consumption: 1mA Ultra-low power consumption
    Communication mode: Signal
    buffer: Secondary buffer speed regulation
    Installation mode: Push the door to pull the door to install
    Door opening mode : Manual push and pull
    Closing method : Manual push, sliding or manual button to close the door, controller remote closing switch quantity Trigger linkage closing

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