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JB-QB-F91 fire door monitor

JB-QB-F91 Fire door monitor

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    • Commodity name: JB-QB-F91 fire door monitor

    JB-QB-F91 Fire door monitor

    JB-QB-F91 fire door monitor, is my company's latest development of two bus intelligent monitor, it can be connected to my company's JD-M61 fire door monitoring module. This fireproof door monitor applies to the specific requirements of GB29364-2012 Fireproof Door Monitor. JB-QB-F91 adopts stable and reliable embedded system and modular design to ensure the normal operation of the system for a long time. Through two buses and JD-M61 fire door monitoring module communication, this way communication is reliable, simple wiring. The network adopts CAN(Control Area Networks)Bus (field local area control bus) mode, which is connected with F10 series controllers produced by our company. The wall-mounted structure is easy to install and meet the needs of the field. The monitor is reliable and easy to operate, and can be widely used in factories, schools, hospitals, hotels and other public places.


    Main Features
    ●7 "800*480 pixels, 16bit color TFT touch LCD screen.

    ●4 detection loops, each loop maximum 120 address points.

    ● With public fire alarm and public fault passive normally open contact output function.

    ● Can store 10000 fire door status records.

    ● CAN network with other fire alarm equipment through the CAN bus.

    ● With circuit (200mA) and linkage power supply (3A) short circuit protection function.

    ● Support automatic closing and manual closing function.

    ● Detect whether the door is in place, not in place to report failure.

    ● Line break, short circuit fault detection function.

    Key words:
    • Fire door monitor
  • Storage temperature -20℃ ~ +70℃
    Operating temperature 0℃ ~ +45℃
    Ambient humidity ≤ 95%RH(40± 2 ℃)
    Overall dimensions 420*520*140

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