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JD-E11 combined electrical fire detector

JD-E11 Combined multi-sensing electrical fire monitoring detector

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    • Commodity name: JD-E11 combined electrical fire detector

    JD-E11 Combined multi-sensing electrical fire monitoring detector

    JD-E11 combined electrical fire monitoring detector is a kind of intelligent electric fire monitoring detector. As the signal acquisition and processing unit of the electrical fire monitoring system, the detector can carry out intelligent analysis and processing of the signal transmitted by the sensor through the built-in circuit and software, judge the working state of the peripheral (fault state, fire alarm state, normal working state), and transmit the node working information to the controller through the two-bus communication, complete the comprehensive processing of monitoring information. The detector has the characteristics of stable and reliable work, strong anti-interference ability, high alarm accuracy, convenient installation and so on. It is suitable for large factories, large warehouses, offices, commercial buildings, hotels, residential and entertainment places and other places with complex electrical lines. Product implementation standards: GB 14287.2-2014 "Electrical Fire Monitoring System Part 2 Residual current Electrical Fire Monitoring Detector", GB 14287.3-2014 "Electrical Fire Monitoring System Part 3 Temperature Measuring Electrical Fire Monitoring Detector".


    Main Features

    ● No AC220V power supply, using two bus power supply.

    ● Two bus communication mode, no polarity.

    ● Using electronic encoding, you can read/write the detector address (1-128) through the addresser, see the addresser operation instructions for details.

    ● Any channel can be set to leakage channel or temperature channel.

    ● Temperature detection channel with short circuit, open circuit fault detection function.

    ● The number of detection channels can be set through the addresser.

    ● With two kinds of signal monitoring function of residual current and temperature measurement, can be matched with the residual current transformer and temperature sensor.

    ● With 8 detection channels, residual current and temperature can be any combination.

    ● Has a set of passive normally open node output control.

    ● Leakage alarm value can be changed by the controller or the addresser setting, the setting range is 500mA~1000mA(setting step is 100mA), the factory default setting is 500mA.

    ● The default alarm value of temperature is 80℃.

    ● Built-in MCU microprocessor, reliable work, strong anti-interference ability.

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