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JB-QB-F81 electrical fire monitor

JB-QB-F81 Electrical fire monitoring equipnent

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    • Commodity name: JB-QB-F81 electrical fire monitor

    JB-QB-F81 Electrical fire monitoring equipnent

    JB-QB-F81 electrical fire monitoring equipment is an electrical fire monitoring equipment which conforms to GB 14782.1-2014 "Electrical Fire Monitoring System Part 1: Electrical Fire Monitoring Equipment" standard, GB/T 19001-2008 "Quality Management System Requirements" and "Implementation Rules for 3C Certification of Fire Products". It is suitable for centralized system management of fire protection in large shopping malls, living quarters, production bases, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and other areas.

    The equipment adopts modular design, high reliability, strong function, easy maintenance, easy to expand. Man-machine interface using touch screen interface intuitive, easy to use, with good interaction.


    Main Features

    ●JB-QB-F81 electrical fire alarm controller provides 8 detection loops, each loop is connected to a maximum of 128 device addresses, the maximum capacity of a single machine 1024 points.

    ● Can be used as the electrical fire alarm monitoring system centralized machine, the whole system can connect up to 64 sets of electrical fire alarm controller.

    ● Support graphic display function, through the graphic display can be more intuitive real-time observation of the corresponding state of each point.

    ● The embedded real-time system based on 32-bit ARM processor has the characteristics of strong real-time, high reliability, modular design and so on.

    ● 8 inch TFT true color industrial LCD screen, with wide temperature range, strong anti-interference ability and other advantages

    ● Graphical interface, convenient and flexible touch screen operation, better human-computer interaction.

    ● With black box function, can store 1024 alarm records, 1024 fault records.

    ● Powerful external communication function, providing GPRS, CAN, RS485, optical fiber and other communication interfaces.

    ● With one passive alarm signal output terminal and one passive fault signal output terminal.

    ● Support backup power function, automatic switch between the main and standby power, with intelligent battery charge and discharge management function.

    ● Support online modification of leakage alarm threshold.

  • System capacity 65536
    Maximum networked node of the system 64
    Single capacity 1024
    Maximum number of circuits 8
    Maximum number of loop points 128
    Liquid crystal display 8-inch TFT True color LCD
    Touch screen Support
    Networking Optional
    Optical fiber Optional
    Printer 1
    Communication interface CAN 1
    RS485 1
    GPRS 1
    Ethernet 1
    USB 1
    Power supply Main power AC220(187 ~ 242V) 50Hz
    Battery Two 12V/12Ah batteries
    Loop output voltage DC15V ~ 20V
    Maximum loop output current 200mA
    Short circuit protection current 400mA
    Operating environment temperature 0℃ ~   + 45 ℃ 
    Ambient humidity ≤ 95%RH(40± 2  ℃ & NBSP;)
    Structure size Width 440mm× 150 mm thick & times; 550 mm high 

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