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Jty-gm-d 22 - point optical smoke detector

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    • Commodity name: Jty-gm-d 22 - point optical smoke detector

    Jty-gm-d22-point optical smoke detector is an intelligent fire detector developed by matching JB-QB-F21 fire alarm controller (coupling type). The detector contains a microprocessor, which can process the fire signal and report the fire alarm in a short time. With the ability to self-diagnose and self-compensate,

    Track the change of background signal, when the dust accumulation exceeds the allowable limit, give the cleaning fault signal. The address encoding is electronic, which improves the reliability. The detector can be widely used in the fire detection of industrial and civil buildings.

    Main Features

    With special shielding measures, strong anti-interference performance;
    The status light of the detector is bright in the monitoring state and steady on in the alarm state.
    Wire system: two buses, no polarity, and the controller signal bus connection;
    Special hand-held encoder coding or controller coding

  • Operating voltage:

    24VDC, No polarity

    Working current: Monitoring state ≤300μA, alarm state ≤1.3mA


      Relative humidity:

    ≤95% Water without condensation


    About 96g




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