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DS10L wireless sound and light alarm

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    • Commodity name: DS10L wireless sound and light alarm

    DS10L wireless sound and light alarm, hereinafter referred to as the alarm, is the latest wireless sound and light alarm developed by our company, it can be connected to our company's matching JD-M106 fire alarm controller and other equipment. DS10L wireless sound and light alarm, built-in CPU, communication module, standard 24V power adapter, power using distributed intelligent technology and Lora wireless communication, to ensure the system long time stable operation.


    Main Features

    Meet the national standard GB 22370-2008 home fire safety system.
    Base separated structure design, easy to install, simple and firm.
    The communication mode is Lora wireless communication.

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    Technical parameters

    Operating voltage


    Operating current

    normal standby current ≤ 1mA, alarm current ≤ 100mA

    Ambient temperature

     0 ℃ to 40 ℃ 
    Relative humidity

    95%RH (40℃± 2 ℃) 

    Wireless communication distance

    ≥ 500m (without shielding or viewing distance)

    Overall dimensions

    Long 100× High & 70 times; Width 45 (mm)



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