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N61 CAN bus repeater

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    • Commodity name: N61 CAN bus repeater

    The company controller will use CAN bus network connection. Network through the N61-CAN bus repeater can form a distributed network. Is in line with the "fire products 3C certification implementation rules" a CAN bus repeater. It adopts wall hanging structure, easy to install to meet the needs of the site.


    Main Features

    Adopt DC24V power supply.
    Built-in MCU microprocessor, reliable work, strong anti-interference ability.
    The driving ability of CAN communication bus is solved when controllers are interconnected, and the number of nodes connected to the network system is increased.
    Increase the rate of CAN main network and reduce the data traffic of the subnet.
    It can realize data routing, improve bandwidth utilization, and greatly reduce the probability of network data congestion in emergencies.
    To realize isolated star and tree network connection, further improve the corresponding speed and reliability of the network system;

  • Contents Technical parameters
    Operating voltage DC24V
    Communication mode Can bus communication
    Bus protocol Can-BUS 2.0B protocol
    Operating current 24V power supply working current ≤ 100mA
    Wiring specifications ZR-RMS. Twisted-pair two-color wire, cross-sectional area :1.0~1.5n
    Indicator light Power indicator light, the green power indicator light is on when the product works normally
    Working status indicator light; When the status indicator is blinking and the port indicator is sending or receiving data
    Flicker, no data often out.
    Operating environment temperature -10C~55℃
    Relative humidity of working environment 959%RH(40r2℃)
    Execution standard GB14287.2-2014 GB14287.3-2014
    Maximum external dimensions L128.8mm×W96.4mm×H32.5mm

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