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Communication integrated intelligent leakage circuit breaker

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    • Commodity name: Communication integrated intelligent leakage circuit breaker

    JDB2L-125 series communication integrated intelligent circuit breaker is suitable for users or loads with AC 50/60Hz, rated working voltage 230/400V and rated working current 63A or below. When there is over and under voltage (set over and under voltage) in the line, it can protect the electrical equipment. At the same time with overload and short circuit protection function.

    Refer to this manual for the use of the circuit breaker, and refer to the Single/three-phase Intelligent Circuit Breaker Modbus Protocol for the use of the communication part.



    • Rated operating voltage: AC230V/400V.
    • Shell and frame grade current: 100A.
    • Breaking capacity :Ics is 10000A.
    • Rated current In: In: 10A, 32A, 40A, 50A, 63A, 80A, 100A.
    • Life: 10000 times of mechanical life, 6000 times of electrical life.
    • Action characteristics under overpressure condition: Overpressure action value setting range: AC 240-300V. Overvoltage recovery Uvor: AC 220-275V. Underpressure action characteristics:






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