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JD-C-100W-K emergency lighting controller

Real-time display of the main voltage, backup voltage, power output data and system operating status

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    • Commodity name: JD-C-100W-K emergency lighting controller

    Real-time display of the main voltage, backup voltage, power output data and system operating status

    JD-C-100W-K emergency Lighting controller (centralized power control type) (hereinafter referred to as the controller) is a two-bus fire emergency lighting controller integrating emergency lighting evacuation indication and linkage control. It can form an intelligent emergency lighting and linkage control system with the fire evacuation indication lighting equipment produced by our company (hereinafter referred to as the load or addressing unit). The system is suitable for large and medium-sized buildings or buildings and other large areas of emergency lighting control.


    Product Features

    In line with national standards. The product meets the requirements of GB17945-2010 "Fire emergency Lighting and evacuation indication System".
    Simple installation, convenient debugging. The load bus adopts non-polar two bus, which simplifies the engineering wiring and reduces the engineering cost and convenient maintenance. Using soft address coding technology, it is easier to change and query the load address. Address uses mixed programming.
    System scalability is easy. The building block modular structure is adopted, and the internal network is composed by CAN bus, which is easy to expand and configure. Multiple controllers CAN also run through CAN bus network.
    The system is stable and reliable. The multi-microprocessor technology and highly intelligent design ensure the real-time and correctness of data processing. In addition, the software and hardware have taken anti-interference measures, which greatly reduces the false positive rate of the system, thus improving the stability of the system.
    Display intuitive, easy to operate. The controller displays the operating status of the system in real time in Chinese, and gives prompts in the form of menus. It has a friendly human-machine dialogue interface, and users can easily query and set relevant information.
    The historical record is complete. The controller has built-in large capacity memory, which can store historical files for a long time for any query.
    Field logic programming is easy to understand and learn. The controller can realize "and", "or" logic programming and the statement is intuitive, the programming operation is simple and convenient.


    Key words:
    • JD-C-100W-K emergency lighting controller
  • Product size: 340mm×110mm×410mm (length X width X height)

  • Product technical parameters:

    1, input voltage: AC220V±10%/50Hz

    2. Main power consumption: 10W

    3, the bus line system: two buses, no polarity

    4. Emergency working time: ≥180 minutes

    5, the number of circuits: 1

    6. Number of networks: 20

    7, battery charging time: ≤24h

    8. Shell protection grade: IP30

    9, battery type and model: lithium battery 3.7V 2000mAh, 1, 18650

    10. Installation mode: wall-mounted

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