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Bus type fire telephone host

Bus fire telephone host

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    • Commodity name: Bus type fire telephone host

    Bus fire telephone host

    Bus fire telephone switchboard is a product of fire emergency communication system conforming to the national standard of GB 16806-2006 "Fire Linkage Control System". It is a two-bus communication mode. In case of emergency such as fire, the extension or jack in the building can facilitate people to quickly and effectively contact with the fire control room, and report the fire situation. It is widely used in various fields of architecture.

  • Operating voltage DC24V
    Operating current < 0.5A
    Frequency range 300 ~ 3400Hz
    Transmission decay < 5dB
    Maximum address 99
    Maximum transmission distance Up to 4500 meters with repeater
    Maximum recording storage time 9 hours
    Humidity range 45% ~ 80% RH
    Operating temperature 0℃ ~ +45℃

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