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JD-M31 input/output module

JD-M31 Input output module

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    • Commodity name: JD-M31 input/output module

    JD-M31 Input output module

    JD-M31 input/output module meets the requirements of national standard GB 16806-2006 "Fire Linkage Control System". This module can transmit the linkage command of the controller to the controlled device, and send the action feedback signal of the controlled device back to the controller. Accepted control equipment such as: smoke exhaust valve, fan, fire elevator, etc. Using electronic coding, accounting for a loop address.

    Main Features
    ● Two bus, no polarity.
    ● Power cord, with polarity.
    ● Occupy an address point, using electronic coding.
    ● Two monochrome indicator lights, display status.
    ● Can input the passive input signal after the action of the linkage device.
    ● Can output one DC24V voltage signal.
    ● With line fault detection and selection function.
    ● When the power line is powered off, the feedback input line is disconnected, the output line is short-circuited or disconnected, the module will return the fault signal

  • type Input output module
    Indicator light module output action - red light; Module input action - Red light
    Operating voltage Power bus :DC24V(DC18V-26V)  ; Two buses: DC 14V-24V
    Operating current Power bus :< 1.5mA (static); Two bus: < 1mA power bus :< 20mA(no-load startup)
    Output signal parameters Active: DC24V/2A; Passive: 2A
    Input signal parameters Passive switching quantity signal input
    Installation mode With the company's base, plug and pull type, simple
    Size Length 85* Width 85* thickness 36
    Weight 0.08 kg± 0.01 kg 

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