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JTY-GM-D22 Ex point-type optical smoke detector

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    • Commodity name: JTY-GM-D22 Ex point-type optical smoke detector

    The JTY-GM-D22 Ex type dot type optical smoke detector and explosion-proof safety grid are connected to the circuit bus of JB-QB-F61 type fire alarm controller to form a distributed intelligent system, whose address is coded by handheld addresser. The detector adopts the electronic surface mounting process and has been inspected and audited by the Fire Products Qualification Assessment Center of the Ministry of Public Security, the National Fire Electronic Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the National Explosion-proof Electrical Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. Meet the national standards: GB4715-2005 "point smoke detector fire detector", GB 3836.1-2010 "Electrical Equipment for Explosive gas environment Part 1: General requirements", GB 3836.4-2010 "Electrical equipment for Explosive gas environment Part 4: intrinsically safe" i ". The explosion-proof mark is Ex ia ⅡC T6GB, which is especially suitable for the fire detection and alarm in the explosive gas environment of ⅡC class T6 temperature group except hydrogen gas in coal mine. Has "high" protection level and is not an ignition source under normal operation or expected failure conditions.

    Main Features
    Strong anti-interference ability, including damp, high and low temperature, electromagnetic interference, vibration and so on.
    The built-in CPU can store, analyze and judge the data collected by itself, and has the function of self-diagnosis.
    Communicate with the controller through the field two bus.
    Early alarm is realized by detecting the ambient temperature.


    Operating voltage:

    DC24V (must be powered by safety grid)  

    Operating current:

    Monitor status ≤ 300μ A. alarm state. 1.3 mA 

    Relative humidity:

    5%-95% RH, no coagulation


     - 10 ℃ & ndash; + 55 ℃ 


    < 113g



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