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JD-M61A fire door monitoring module

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    • Commodity name: JD-M61A fire door monitoring module

    JD-M61A adopts single chip microcomputer and intelligent software, special moisture-proof technology, surface mount (SMT) production process and plug type structure design, stable and reliable work, with strong anti-interference ability. It is mainly used for the control of door closing equipment, and can be used in conjunction with F91 fire door monitor produced by Golden Shield Company. Meet GB 16806-2006 "Fire Linkage Control System" and "Fire Products 3C Certification Implementation Rules". This product is pollution-free, low power consumption, suitable for all kinds of industrial and civil buildings.


    Main Features

    Two bus, no polarity;

    Power bus, polarity;

    Can output 2 DC 24V/2A voltage signals;

    The feedback input signal after the operation of two fire door equipment can be input;

    Occupy a node address, using electronic coding address (1~239);

    Monochrome indicator light displays module action information;

    When the power bus is powered off, the input line is disconnected, or the output line is short-circuited or disconnected, the module returns a fault message.


    Power supply voltage


    two-bus voltage:

    DC 19V

    Power supply current:

    < 6mA (static), < 21mA (no-load start

    two-bus current:

    < 2mA

    Output signal:

    Active (voltage) DC 24V/2A

    Input signal:

    Passive switching quantity signal input

    Working environment temperature:

    -10℃ ~ +55℃

    Relative humidity of working environment:

    ≤ Eg. Ninety-five percent. 2℃)

    Output action indicator:

    Steady red when output action


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