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JD-M62A fire door monitoring module (double door)

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    • Commodity name: JD-M62A fire door monitoring module (double door)

    JD-M62A adopts single chip microcomputer and intelligent software, special moisture-proof technology, surface mount (SMT) production process and plug type structure design, stable and reliable work, with strong anti-interference ability. It is mainly used for monitoring the status of fire door (double door), and can be used in conjunction with JB-QB-F91 fire door monitor produced by Golden Shield Company to meet GB 29364-2012 "Fire Door Monitor". This product is pollution-free, low power consumption, suitable for all kinds of industrial and civil buildings.


    Main Features

    Two buses, no polarity.
    Occupy an address point, using electronic coding address (1~239).

  • Two bus voltage:

    DC 19V

    Two bus current:


    Input signal: Magnetic pin controlled switch signal input
    Working environment temperature:


    Relative humidity of working environment:

    ≤95%RH(40±2℃ )

    Action indicator light: Steady red during action


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