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RP1001 Monitor of the power status of the fire extinguishing device

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    • Commodity name: RP1001 Monitor of the power status of the fire extinguishing device

    RP1001 fire door monitor is designed according to the market demand and years of fire fighting experience. It meets the requirements of national standard GB 28184-2011 "Fire Equipment Power Monitoring System" and related specifications and technology. It is suitable for a certain part of various small projects and some large projects. It has the characteristics of small volume, strong function, high reliability, flexible configuration, easy installation and use. The system uses the traditional LCD display, can print all the system fault alarm and all kinds of operation Chinese characters information. The system is designed with a maximum capacity of 240 bus locations. This installation instruction manual should be taken care of by special personnel for future reference.
    RP1001 fire equipment power status monitor, powerful, flexible configuration, is a highly intelligent monitor. RP1001 can be connected to the RP1xxx series voltage/current sensor, voltage sensor and current sensor produced by our company.


    Main Features

    Strong function, high reliability: the monitor adopts two-bus control mode, can operate any 240 bus points, and display its related status information. Communication using advanced two-bus communication technology, high fault tolerance rate, long distance, stability and reliability in the industry first-class level.
    Visual window: The monitor uses windowing menu commands, uses simple interface information, intuitive and easy to understand, through a simple operation (select the corresponding number or square key selection) can achieve a variety of functions provided by the system.
    Flexible configuration: The monitor can read the parameter Settings of the front-end bus device and configure it, which is flexible and efficient.
    With a comprehensive self-test function: the monitor startup automatic self-test, automatic detection of the LCD display, buzzer, LED display, under normal monitoring, you can also press the self-test button for self-test.

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