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JD-M118N outdoor fire hydrant monitoring device products

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    • Commodity name: JD-M118N outdoor fire hydrant monitoring device products

    JD-118N outdoor fire hydrant monitoring device can carry out remote and real-time monitoring for fire hydrants. Once the fire hydrant is damaged or someone takes water illegally, it can report the alarm information immediately, and accurately locate the location, so that the inspection personnel can deal with it quickly and efficiently, which saves the labor cost, and also prevents the theft of fire water, destruction of fire hydrants and other phenomenon. And the fire hydrant pipeline pressure is insufficient and other problems timely alarm; At the same time to realize the fire hydrant boiling water, open the cover, knocked down, tilt monitoring and alarm, to solve the municipal fire hydrant maintenance is not timely, not in place and other hidden dangers

    Built-in high-performance, large-capacity lithium electricity, GPRS or NB-IOT wireless Internet access, equipped with high-performance sensors real-time monitoring of fire hose pressure, water flow in the fire hydrant, and the tilt of the fire hydrant, whether normal water intake or illegal water, fire hydrant alarm device can detect. Without changing the exterior of the hydrant, a conventional hydrant can be replaced with a smart hydrant by making a few changes to the existing hydrant.


    Main Features

    Anti-collision function: fire hydrant is hit in time alarm
    Anti-theft function: open the cover automatic alarm
    Anti - stealing water function: water out of the detection of timely alarm
    Water pressure alarm function: real-time monitoring of fire pipe water pressure, abnormal alarm, to ensure that there is water available in disaster relief
    Positioning function: The mobile phone APP accurately locates the location during installation, so that inspection or fire personnel can quickly and accurately confirm the location for maintenance
    Battery life: 5 years
    Technical strength: We have invention patents and independent intellectual property rights in the field of pressure measurement
    Protection grade: Waterproof grade IPX8

  • 1.Measurement medium: water.
    2,Pressure range: 0MPA~2MPA
    3,Comprehensive accuracy: soil 1%FS
    4,Power supply: 3.6V lithium
    5,Pressure output: Wireless GPRS or NB-IOT transmission
    6,Sampling speed: 30 times/min
    7,Medium temperature: 0~85 degrees
    Ambient temperature: -30 to 85 degrees Celsius
    9,Overload capacity: 150%FS

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