Shencheng residential design raises fire standards

Add automatic sprinkler system, emergency broadcast, refuge area, the promotion of independent fire detection alarm - Shanghai housing design has a higher fire standards,


City fire Department patrol Putuo and other areas with fire hazards key areas

A liquefied natural gas leak triggered an explosion at a snack bar in the southern suburbs of Xi 'an, killing nine people and injuring 34 as of last night. The explosion of a humble liquefied gas tank caused so many casualties.


Shanghai investigated and punished a number of inferior fire safety equipment

"March 15" consumer rights protection Day, the municipal Fire Bureau sent a special inspection team to some social units installed fire facilities, signs for on-site investigation, on the spot to investigate a number of substandard fire safety equipment without acceptance without authorization installation and use.


13 Must-see systems for fire safety inspection in crowded places

1. Check the pressurized air supply system. Automatically or manually start the pressurized air supply system, the relevant air supply port is opened, the fan is started, the air supply is normal, and the feedback signal is correct. 2. Check the smoke exhaust system. Start the smoke exhaust system automatically or manually, open the relevant smoke exhaust ports, start the smoke exhaust fan, exhaust air is normal, and the feedback signal is correct.

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