City fire Department patrol Putuo and other areas with fire hazards key areas

A liquefied natural gas leak triggered an explosion at a snack bar in the southern suburbs of Xi 'an, killing nine people and injuring 34 as of last night. The explosion of a humble liquefied gas tank caused so many casualties.

A liquefied natural gas leak triggered an explosion at a snack bar in the southern suburbs of Xi 'an, killing nine people and injuring 34 as of last night. The explosion of a humble liquefied gas tank caused so many casualties. In Putuo District of Shanghai, two rented houses converted from factories are connected together. There are dense people living there. There is no fire water source or fire fighting facilities. Shanghai Fire Bureau invited some deputies of the municipal People's Congress and members of the CPPCC to visit key areas with fire hazards in Putuo and other districts. After the inspection, the representatives suggested that government departments and fire departments should jointly issue rectification plans for the living requirements and living environment of migrant workers, so as to thoroughly solve the root cause and extension problems. Large quantities of liquefied gas cylinders are stored

The municipal fire Bureau invited some deputies of the municipal People's Congress and members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference to visit a number of key areas with dense rental housing for fire hazards. At 48 Zhennan Road, Putuo District, a cluster of more than 720 rental rooms is home to about 2,000 people. Each room is about 10 square meters, low, damp, a bed, a cabinet can fill the small rented room, residents can only cook, wash outside the house. There are dripping clothes on the top of the walkway. Underneath the clothes are rows of gas stoves. Since there is no gas pipeline, cooking can only rely on liquefied gas. The second floor of one rental house is sheetrock separated into 38 small rooms, each with an electricity meter, and common cooking areas with gas stoves and liquefied gas tanks. But next to the tanks were about 10 electric cars, some with sockets attached and wires dragged into the room. Looking around, there is no water source or other fire-fighting facilities except a few extinguishers. Once the circuit catches fire, it may cause spontaneous combustion of electric vehicle or even explosion of liquefied gas tank. "The price has gone up. Now it's 350 yuan a month. It's close to the railway station. Mr. Zhang, a native of Anhui province who runs a food business in Shanghai, moved several times before finding 48 Zhennan Road, where he rents a room of about 10 square meters. It is understood that in 2002, the plot was purchased by Shanghai Qitong Real Estate Development and Management Co., Ltd. through market auction, and in 2003, it was subleased to Shanghai Yimeng Industrial Co., LTD., which divided and constructed the plot for lease, with a basic area of 21,000 square meters. Now, there are 720 rental houses, home to 2,000 people, storage and use of a large number of liquefied gas tanks and do not meet the requirements. According to Qi Guanhua, director of the Wanli police station in Putuo District, most of the people living there are workers who came to Shanghai. The rental contract has expired, but the lessee is not willing to move out. The fire department repeatedly urged rectification

Since 2010, the Putuo District Public Security Fire Brigade and the police station have carried out fire control inspection in this area for several times, and found that the main fire protection hazards are concentrated in: Occupying, blocking and closing the passage of fire trucks, setting other places and living places in the same building does not meet the technical standards of fire control, the design, laying, maintenance and testing of electrical circuits and gas pipelines does not meet the regulations, the construction of temporary buildings and structures does not meet the requirements of fire control safety and the setting of fire control facilities is not compliant. From February to November 2010, the fire brigade and the local police station punished Kiritong Real Estate Company for 5 times. On April 8, 2011, the Putuo District Public Security Fire Brigade issued a notice of rectification of major fire hazards to Kiritong Real Estate Company and reported it to the Putuo District government. At the same time, according to the Fire Control Law of the People's Republic of China, the Fire Control Regulations of Shanghai, the Code for Fire Prevention of Building Interior Decoration Design and the Code for Fire Prevention of Building Design, and the actual situation of No.48 Zhennan Road, the Public Security Fire Control Detachment of Putuo District formulated the rectification opinions and the implementation rules. On April 20, 2011, the backbone of the detachment, together with the Wanli Police Station, the Work Safety Office of Changzheng Town and the work safety supervision department of Putuo District, were sent to their homes to help them rectify fire hazards. On April 27, 2011, the technical backbone of Putuo Detachment came to the house to supervise and rectify the fire hazard. On May 3, 2011, the fire prevention Department of Putuo Detachment came to the house to urge and rectify the fire hazard. There was a lack of supervision across two districts

In another part of Putuo district, No. 269, Lane 1702 Gulang Road, is also a low-rent cluster housing more than 1,200 migrant workers. This is Zongqiang Community, a marble factory moved away after the factory was contracted by a company, transformed into a number of about 20 square meters of rental housing, living 425 families, all daily use of liquefied gas cooking. The inspection by the Putuo District Public security fire Brigade found that there was no municipal fire water in the community, some residents used combustible materials to build temporary kitchens, some tenants stored liquefied gas cylinders in their homes, and there were some fire hazards in the community, such as improper parking of non-motor vehicles, private connection and random wiring. According to Mr. Gu, the person in charge of the community management company Fang Zongqiang, the community was built in 2003, a total of 7 buildings structure is two-story brick and wood structure, 4 buildings are located in Putuo District, 3 buildings are located in Baoshan District, because of the area across Putuo and Baoshan, the community safety supervision in the forgotten embarrassing corner. This year, after the supervision and rectification of Putuo Fire Brigade, the number of fire extinguishers in the community increased to 45. In addition, the water pump was introduced into a natural river adjacent to the community, and fire protection pipe network was laid in the community and wall fire hydrants were set up. A 20 cubic meter fire water tank was set above the middle living building, and the pipe network was connected to the fire protection pipe network of the community to ensure the early fire protection water. In addition, all kitchens built with combustible materials have been dismantled and rebuilt with brick walls in the original area. In addition, all liquefied gas cylinders have been moved from the room to the kitchen. The wooden structure of the building has been replaced by brick and tile. In addition, the community is required to park vehicles, keep the fire channel unblocked, remove the messy pull and random connection wire, security personnel are required to be on duty 24 hours a day. In addition, the reporter saw that the second floor of each building were added to the bottom floor of the escape ladder, once the upstairs fire, residents can be safely evacuated through the escape ladder. Looking around the whole community, the fire-fighting facilities were basically complete after rectification. However, the fire prevention supervisor found that in one kitchen, the liquefied gas stove and washing machine were put together. If the electrical fault caught fire, it was easy to detonate the liquefied gas.

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